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Our aim is to meet the patients’ needs differentially, delivering high-quality medical/dental services.

The way our team welcomes patients, as well as the spaces design which includes high technological innovation create a customized Dental Medicine service. We therefore offer an innovating concept that allies a dedicated medical tam, assisted by the most modern means and equipment within a comfortable and convenient ambiance. 

To create “One more Reason to Smile”, promote Health and Self-esteem with added value and be loyal to these principles is to Smile with Confidence.


Covid-19 Information

The World Health Organization classified on March 11, 2020, the COVID-19 as a pandemic disease.

As recommended, the Dental Fusion Clinics in the current context, have implemented a set of procedures that aim to prevent the risk of contagion by SARS -CoV -2, which causes COVID -19 disease, in our facilities.

Our professionals and facilities have all the appropriate and necessary means, following the technical guidelines of the General Directorate of Health and the recommendations of the Portuguese Dental Association in this area.

Thus, we make access to our clinics safe, from the moment you enter our facilities until you leave. The control and prevention of cross-infection is a constant. Our professionals have Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to face the risk of the current situation. "We are on alert, because prevention is the word for Covid - 19"


Working Hours



Monday to Friday
9H30 - 13H
14H30 - 19H
9H30 - 13H (upon prior confirmation)

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